press and accolades

De Telegraaf, 'Han and his charming wife and host Ting Ting are back in the culinary premier league.' (NL)

Culy, 'Eat like a king, eh, emperor.' Dining at Zheng is an evening-filling program, as the concept is based on an imperial banquet. (NL)

JAN Magazine's tip for The Hague: taste Chinese fine dining at restaurant Zheng.

ChefsFriends, 'Regal dining at emperor Han's. A must-go.'

This is The Hague, for showcasing our beautiful city and our new restaurant to the world (EN)

Nouveau Nederland, 'Zheng sets a new standard in terms of culinary experience…' (NL)

AD Haagsche Courant, The imperial banquet revives in Prinsestraat (NL)

Misset Horeca, through the carved wooden doors that open automatically,

you end up in another world... (NL)

The Hague • Hip • Hotspots, Culinary journey through imperial China (NL)

ELLE Eten, imperial dining in The Hague's Court Quarter (NL)

 FD Persoonlijk Magazine, 'Plating challenge' (NL)


Food Inspiration Magazine, Han's hotspots in Beijing (NL)

Misset Horeca, Restaurant Zheng opent als opvolger van HanTing Cuisine (NL)

 HanTing Cuisine Den Haag, Hanting cuisine gaat verder met nieuw concept: Zheng (NL)

For press questions solely about Zheng, please contact our PR manager
Vincent van Dijk:
zheng@hbmeo.com (not for reservations)


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