With the Zheng@Home KITS  you can take the Imperial Experience home and enjoy healthy and gastronomical level meals with minimal effort. The dishes are prepared mainly with the use of steaming techniques which results in maximum retention of flavor, color and nutrition. Hence, healthy and delicious. You can take care of the finishing touches yourself with the enclosed step by step guide that includes the heating instructions and the assembly of the dishes. Enjoy.



Choose a dish or menu as desired. We have several options that you can adapt to your timetable.

Choose delicious tea pairings or bottle of wine in which you complete the Zheng Imperial Experience at home with!

Your dishes will be ready for TAKE-OUT OR DELIVERY IN 3 HOURS AFTER ORDER CONFIRMATION. DELIVERY AND PICK-UP TIME IS BETWEEN 14.00 hr. – 22.00 hr. at Restaurant Zheng at Prinsestraat 33 in The Hague . You can also indicate a desired pick-up time on another day. Delivery and takeaway of Zheng@Home is also possible in Rotterdan and Delft. Go to the Zheng@Home ordering platform to view delivery and takeaway conditions.

Experience the Zheng at home with our ready to assemble cuisine and enjoy gastronomical level meals at home with minimal effort, whenever you want!




Restaurant Zheng's Delivery Label

From this moment on, we’re offering you a way to enjoy delicious HanTing style dishes right at your own home. A new approach, but the same mission: HanTing Bistro will again combine the best of both worlds by fusing the flavors, cooking techniques, and knowledge of the East and France. Our team has created a whole new delivery menu existing of the same surprising and innovative fusion dishes that we all know and love of the former restaurant HanTing Cuisine, but added a casual, more accessible twist.


Find out more about Restaurant Zheng’s first delivery label on our brand-new ordering platform www.hanting.delivery, or click on the button below. After you’ve placed your order, our delivery team will be at your doorstep within 30 minutes.


We deliver this food concept anywhere within a 5km radius of Restaurant Zheng at the Prinsestraat 33, The Hague. If you live outside of the delivery area, there’s no need to be sad: it’s also possible to pick up your order in our restaurant.



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