To ensure providing the highest quality service, we offer three various dining options for parties larger than 6 persons. Each option can only be selected for the entire table. Please inform us beforehand (out most 2 days in advance) which option, including any dietary requirements, you would like to select.



Emperor’s Banquet


Every Chapters consists of 3 or 4 delicacies and each focusing on one traditionally prepared main component.


5 Chapters €65,00 p.p.

7 Chapters € 79,00 p.p.

9 Chapters €99,00 p.p.


Chapters Contents


For insight in the drink pairings, please click Drink Pairing



Emperor’s Banquet All-In


Content per person:

1. Aperitif

2. Emperor’s Banquet

3. Drink Pairing consisting of wines and cocktails

4. Still and sparkling water

5. Coffee and tea with sweets


Emperor’s Banquet All-in

5 Chapters all-in €120,00 p.p.

7 Chapters all-in €150,00 p.p.

9 Chapters all-in €189,00 p.p.


Chapters Contents





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