The media about Zheng Restaurant

Over the past few years, we have enjoyed seeing the most beautiful publications about Restaurant Zheng pass by in the media. Some of these publications can be read through the links below. Do you have a press-related question? Then contact us at

The Telegraph

‘Han and his charming wife and hostess Ting are back in the culinary premier league.’


‘Healthy through the summer with a special detox menu at Restaurant Zheng in The Hague.’

Chefs Friends

“Each chapter is accompanied by artwork that calls attention to local culture.

Talkies Magazine

‘Chinese culture, art, gastronomy and health.’

Daily Cappuccino

‘Restaurant Zheng: a culinary and cultural journey through China.’

Nouveau Netherlands

‘Hot spot: five reasons why you want to eat at Zheng now.’


‘Zheng Restaurant serves Chinese food in a traditional and ceremonial way.’

Hospitality Trends

‘A restaurant Zheng with a completely different vision and culinary experience in a ceremonial way.’

AD Haagsche Courant

A culinary experience, where gastronomy and art come together.’