The media about Restaurant Zheng

Over the past few years we have been delighted to see the most beautiful publications about Restaurant Zheng in the media. You can read a selection of these publications via the links below. Do you have a press related question? Contact us via

De Telegraaf

‘Han and his charming wife and hostess Ting are back in the culinary premier league.’


‘Healthy in the summer season with a special detox menu at Restaurant Zheng in The Hague.’

Chefs Friends

‘Each chapter is accompanied by a work of art that draws attention to the local culture.’

Talkies Magazine

‘Chinese culture, art, gastronomy and health.’

Daily Cappuccino

‘Restaurant Zheng: a culinary and cultural journey through China.’

Nouveau Nederland

‘Hotspot: five reasons why you want to eat at Zheng now.’


‘Restaurant Zheng serves Chinese dishes in a traditional and ceremonial way.’

Horeca Trends

‘A completely different vision and culinary experience in a ceremonial way.’

AD Haagsche Courant

‘A culinary experience in which gastronomy and art come together.’