About us

The philosophy of Restaurant Zheng


At Restaurant Zheng you don’t just eat out; you are on a culinary journey. Each culinary chapter is served in an authentic way with beautiful porcelain tableware. In a mysterious atmosphere of blue colors, hand-carved wooden doors, Chinese art, and literature, it is as if you are in the company of the emperor while being immersed in a moment that stimulates all of your senses.


Health is the basis of the flavor combinations that arise in our kitchen. At Restaurant Zheng we are inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine and specific herbal combinations that not only provide taste explosions, but are also healthy for the body and mind. In the midst of the Prinsestraat of The Hague, we take eating out healthy to a new level.

Tea-food pairing

Restaurant Zheng is the first restaurant in the Netherlands that offers tea pairing. Our team is trained in finding the right tea pairing combinations that provide a whole new culinary experience. These combinations also have a positive impact on your health. Discover the special world of tea with us and surprise yourself with a new taste experience.


Culinary Vision


At Restaurant Zheng we are continuously working on gaining culinary inspiration, refining flavors, and combining ingredients with a surprising taste effect. This way we pay tribute to the ancient Zheng banquet tradition, which is the basis of our restaurant in The Hague. In Imperial China, the day after New Year’s Eve, the most culinary feast imaginable took off. The most important officials gathered and enjoyed a banquet with the emperor, consisting of no fewer than 120 dishes, each served in the most beautiful porcelain tableware. Even the most special teas could not be left out during this culinary spectacle.

It was a true honor to be selected as chef for this special occasion. A chef took years and often even generations of experience with him, to prepare the most special creations with complete dedication and passion, even if it was only for one of the 120 dishes. Full attention was paid to even the smallest details and nothing was underestimated. This dedication and conviction that each component should be a special and healthy addition to the taste experience plays a crucial role in our culinary vision.


What our guests say


Zheng Banquet Menu


Under the leadership of top chef Han Ji, we have created a Zheng Banquet menu, consisting of various chapters. You will experience a gastronomic journey in which each chapter consists of one main component, and is complemented by three or four delicacies. All combinations have been created with a holistic view.

Careful consideration has been given to different flavor combinations that provide one total experience, but also to the impact this gastronomic journey has on your body and mind. At restaurant Zheng, we consider the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine to be a wonderful guideline to take eating out healthy to a new level. Our team also selects matching teas for each chapter; ranging from teas with smoky and nutty aromas to teas with fresh floral flavors.