Imperial Banquet Experience

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Zheng Banquet

Feel like an emperor while enjoying a gastronomic experience like never before. The Zheng Banquet consists of several chapters with one main component and three or four delicacies. Everything has been thought about down to the last detail; from the healthy aspects to the authentic tableware. You can choose a Banquet menu of 5, 6, 7 or 8 chapters.

Vegetarian Banquet Menu

In addition to the Zheng Banquet Menu, we also have an all-new vegetarian banquet menu. An experience where special flavors and ingredients come together for a whole new culinary experience. An experience that revolves around culinary arts, health and a surprise effect with every bite.

Group Arrangements

Groups are also welcome at Zheng Restaurant. To ensure our quality, we kindly ask that group reservations of 6 people or more be made no later than two days in advance. The selected package can only be selected for the entire group.

Drink arrangement

Zheng Restaurant is known for its special tea and food combinations. Tea varieties that are specially selected by our team and perfectly match the desired culinary experience of each chapter from the Zheng Banquet. We also have delicious homemade tea infused cocktails, based entirely on our own recipes.

Wine arrangement

In addition to tea-food combinations and tea infused cocktails, we also have an extensive wine list and appropriate wine/drink pairings. Of course, instead of a tea arrangement you can also choose a wine arrangement, carefully selected by our team.

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